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 I am a New York City-based commercial photographer. I love telling a story. My passion for photography started over 20 years ago when I first stepped into the darkroom at the State University at New Paltz. I was immediately hooked!


A lot has changed since those days, I now shoot primarily digital, but the end goal is still the same: to produce evocative imagery with visually striking compositions. 

After college, I found work with Macy's as a staff photographer shooting catalog, digital, and national ad campaigns. This is where I learned how to shoot everything from diamond rings to large bedroom sets. 

These days I am shooting as a freelance photographer. I love to collaborate with new brands and people to bring their vision to life through creative



When not behind the lens, I obsess about surfing, spending quality time with my family, and trying to bake the perfect pizza.

Paul Maklary is a NYC based Commercial Photographer specializing in interiors and bedding.
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